Just after dawn, Stoke Bruerne, Grand Union Canal. Northamptonshire. As it was, I promise. The freezing mist really did roll over the surface of the river. Something disturbed the water and there was a bright patch behind the guys on the left. Only light touch post production. The calmest moment. 

From the archive: English Wildflowers

Our native flora is delicate, small and catalogued by most gardeners as 'weeds'. I had been working with a botanist, photographing plants in the field, but the fine detail was so difficult to capture. Following the tradition of obsessive plant collectors and illustrators, I wanted to develop a technique to record a little more. This meant some controllable lighting. I made sure they were common species , and OK to pick, then I moved them to a studio. Some were not 'perfect' with blemishes and parts of the plant in various stages of flower through to seed, but I loved that about them. The images are used as fine art prints and were used as a series of cards for The Wildlife Trust. I'm still entranced by their elegance in tiny detail. 

Common Rockrose

Common Rockrose

From the archive: Winter Coast

For some years I spent early January in north Norfolk, and began a project around nostalgia for the seaside. Over time, this developed into a study of place and people sharing the cold winter months by the north sea. This is the beach near Overstrand in early January.